Step into a lush oasis in the heart of the desert at Green Planet Dubai. This unique indoor bio-dome recreates the enchanting world of a tropical rainforest, where you’ll encounter exotic flora and fauna from around the globe. Walk through towering trees, marvel at colorful birds, and observe fascinating insects and reptiles up close. It’s a captivating journey into the wonders of nature, education, and conservation, offering an immersive experience for visitors of all ages in the heart of the city.


Tropical Wonderland: Immerse yourself in the magic of a lush tropical rainforest, complete with towering trees, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant wildlife, all within the heart of Dubai.

Exotic Wildlife: Encounter a diverse range of exotic creatures, from playful sloths and colorful parrots to intriguing insects and reptiles, as you explore the biodiverse ecosystem.

Educational Experiences: Enjoy informative presentations and interactive exhibits that provide insights into rainforest ecology, conservation efforts, and the importance of preserving these vital ecosystems.

Canopy Walk: Traverse a treetop canopy walkway, offering a unique perspective of the rainforest and its inhabitants, making for a thrilling and educational adventure.

Family-Friendly: Green Planet Dubai is designed for visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a close encounter with the natural world.


Admission: Your ticket includes access to Green Planet Dubai, allowing you to explore and discover the wonders of the rainforest at your own pace.

Guided Experiences: Informative guides and educators are on hand to enhance your visit with engaging presentations and opportunities to learn about the rainforest’s unique inhabitants.

Interactive Exhibits: Enjoy interactive exhibits and experiences that bring the rainforest to life, fostering a deeper understanding of the vital role these ecosystems play in our world.

Conservation Awareness: Gain insights into the importance of rainforest conservation and the steps being taken to protect these vital ecosystems.

Photography Opportunities: Capture stunning photos of the lush environment, colorful wildlife, and captivating moments throughout your journey.

Green Planet Dubai offers a captivating blend of education, entertainment, and conservation, allowing you to embark on a rainforest adventure without leaving the desert. It’s a unique and enriching experience that promises both wonder and understanding of our natural world.


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